John Wright Scholarships for International Students

The Southern Institute of Technology offers the premier John Wright Scholarships to international students who exemplify excellent sporting and academic ability. Up to 25 full and partial scholarships are offered in any one year to students. Both sporting and academic scholarships are offered for qualifications offered at SIT’s Invercargill campus.

Premier scholarship, long term benefits

Khanin Saikia

"Joining SIT was one of my best decisions ever. Even though I thoroughly researched about the John Wright Scholarship, I was at first a little unsure about its long term benefits. But once I gained the scholarship and joined SIT, the opportunities came knocking my door. Now I am a Level 1 Cricket Coach for Southland Cricket and I am enjoying every bit of it."

- Khanin Saikia
John Wright Scholarship recipient

Manpreet Singh

“The John Wright Scholarship has given me the opportunity to follow my dreams – playing soccer – at the same time as getting an advanced qualification at SIT. The atmosphere here is friendly and you get to interact with people from different cultures. The scholarship has helped me grow and given me the chance to test my skills in a different environment. I’ve enjoyed each and every moment, on and off the field! I’m really grateful for this opportunity.”

- Manpreet Singh
John Wright Scholarship recipient

About John Wright

John Wright

The John Wright Scholarships acknowledge the contribution of this famous New Zealand sportsman. John Wright is a former international cricketer who represented and captained New Zealand’s national cricket team, the Black Caps. John went on to coach the Indian national cricket team from 2000 to 2005 before becoming the New Zealand cricket coach in 2010.

John Wright Sports Scholarships

Premier sports scholarships are offered to students who exhibit sporting excellence. On arrival at SIT, scholarship recipients play in local and regional sporting teams during the playing season. Codes can include cricket, basketball, rugby, netball, soccer, badminton and others.

At least one full scholarship will be offered each year. The full scholarship covers the recipient’s first year tuition fee.

Up to 16 partial scholarships will be offered each year to students. The partial scholarship will be an amount equivalent to 20 per cent of a student’s first year tuition fee.

John Wright Academic Scholarships

Students with excellent academic ability can apply for up to eight partial John Wright Academic Scholarships. The partial scholarship will be an amount equivalent to 10 per cent of a student’s first year tuition fee.

Applicants must show strong academic records and English language skills equivalent to IELTS 7.0.

Eligible programmes

International Students can apply for a John Wright Scholarship in any SIT programme which is Level 7 or above and is for one year or longer. That includes SIT's Postgraduate Diploma, Bachelor Degrees and Graduate Diplomas.

Students can also apply for a John Wright Scholarship in any other undergraduate programme provided that the programme is at least two years in duration.

Application process

To apply for a John Wright Scholarship, please complete the John Wright Scholarship Expression of Interest Form and provide relevant supporting evidence.

Applications for the John Wright Scholarship will be considered by the John Wright Scholarship Board at a time it determines. The final date to submit an application will be advised by the Scholarship Board and will close at least 15 days before the result day. Applications received after this date will automatically be considered in the next selection month.

Scholarship eligibility, terms and conditions

  1. The John Wright Scholarships are open to men and women from India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Applicants must be international students and have completed study to a level which meets the requirements for entry into the SIT programme they are applying for. Scholarships are available for programmes offered at SIT’s Invercargill campus.
  2. The Scholarships provide a partial or full contribution towards the tuition fee component of a student’s programme. Scholarship recipients must pay any remaining tuition fee amount and any associated costs such as the resource fee. Accommodation, travel and all other living expenses are the responsibility of the recipient.
  3. Recipients of the John Wright Sports Scholarships are required to volunteer time to a community sports-related activity and/or play for and represent Southland’s local and possibly regional sports teams during the relevant playing season. No additional financial contribution will be made to recipients for this contribution.
  4. Scholarships are provided for the first year of a student’s study only. Students can apply for scholarships in future years, but must note that any such scholarships are not guaranteed. In order to be eligible to apply for scholarships in future years, students must maintain a minimum of a B average in all their papers.
  5. Scholarship recipients must exhibit exemplary behaviour at all times, abide by the SIT Code of Conduct, any relevant laws and regulations and the conditions of the scholarship. Failure to do so may result in the removal of the ability to apply for future scholarships and/or termination of the scholarship. Scholarship recipients will be required to sign an agreement with SIT which confirms the terms and conditions of the particular scholarship they are on.
  6. Scholarship recipients must be available for marketing purposes for SIT.
  7. The Scholarships Board will select the best applicants in any one selection month. SIT reserves the right to not award all available scholarships if the Scholarships Board does not consider the applicants of sufficiently high calibre. Unfilled scholarship places may be shifted to future selection months in that academic year.
  8. An individual may apply for the Scholarship no more than three times. An individual may apply for only one type of scholarship at a time.
  9. John Wright Scholarships cannot be used in conjunction with any other scholarship or promotional offer utilised by SIT. Decisions of the John Wright Scholarship Board are final and correspondence shall not be entered into.
  10. SIT reserves the right to alter the terms and the conditions of the John Wright Scholarship at any time without notice.

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