Becky Littlewood
Publish Date: Friday, 20 November 2020
Becky Littlewood

Bachelor of Therapeutic and Sports Massage

Wellingtonian Becky Littlewood wanted a degree in Massage Therapy, but after studying the first two years at NZ College of Massage in Wellington, she couldn’t justify the cost involved in attaining that final year.

However, thanks to Southern Institute of Technology (SIT) offering Blended Delivery of the Year 3 Therapeutic & Sports Massage BTSM (Level 7), and the Zero Fees Scheme, Becky has now completed her degree, and has a long list of achievements from her year of study.

“When distance learning was offered for Level 7 at SIT, I jumped at the chance! Working to pay for flights and accommodation was a lot easier than adding to my student loan”.

Becky’s year of Level 7 study consisted of:

3 face-to-face teaching blocks at SIT
Massage therapy clinical practice in her own community
Online learning and tutorial classes
Part-time or full-time options available

She said Level 7 is more of an academic than practical year, and she’s had a productive period developing a range of life skills which will benefit her career in the future.

“I have written my first research article, which has been really exciting”.

She’s also written: a case report, business plan, clinic management report, blog, magazine article on reflective practice, professional development and industry participation reports, special populations report; produced a workshop, delivered a seminar, designed and presented a research poster, completed clinical reasoning challenges, and worked with athletes.

Choosing SIT and the Zero Fees Scheme has enabled Becky to achieve her goal of a Bachelor’s qualification in her chosen field, because it’s been affordable.

“Zero Fees has been hugely helpful. Without it, I would not have had the opportunity to complete my degree”.

As part of the blended delivery format, Becky has completed three face-to-face learning blocks at SIT; in the process, she has enjoyed interacting with other students on her course, as well as experiencing some of SIT’s campus life, and getting to know Invercargill as well.

“The library is amazing! It is also great to have a cafeteria on campus”.

“I’ve had the opportunity to visit and get to know Invercargill, and also to get to know my fabulous classmates, who are from all over NZ”.

Becky says the highlight of her course has definitely been the tutors.

“They are amazing, very knowledgeable and hugely supportive. They impart high-quality teaching and are truly inspiring”.

The blended delivery format of the Level 7 year has been successful for Becky, allowing her to carry on with her life, and study from home to achieve her goal of a degree.

“Blended delivery has been fantastic, I’ve been able to study around my work and family commitments and whilst the workload has been high at times, it has ultimately been manageable with some extra-long hours thrown in”.

In terms of future goals and how Becky’s qualification will be utilised, she says her year studying Level 7 to achieve the Bachelor of Therapeutic and Sports Massage has given her everything she wanted, and more.

“I’m looking to develop new branches to my massage practice, and being able to explore these ideas through the work I completed at SIT has really helped me to hone these ideas and give me new ones”.

“I aim to develop massage training workshops, and studying through SIT has given me the confidence I needed to make this happen”.