Pearl Milligan
Publish Date: Thursday, 30 April 2020
Pearl Milligan

Certificate in Construction

When Pearl Milligan was looking for a practical way to compliment her Civil Engineering diploma the Certificate in Construction offered at SIT’s Queenstown campus was the perfect opportunity.

Pearl had been working for a large engineering contractor in Auckland for 12 months after graduating before deciding to relocate down south for further study.

“I wanted to get some practical experience to complement what I’d learnt in theory with my engineering diploma. The course is really good – I’ve been getting the basic fine skills while working on building chairs and saw stools. Getting to take ownership of your own projects – I really enjoy that.”

As part of the course students build a three-bedroom relocatable house which is then available to the public to purchase. “Working on the house is quite awesome,” Pearl said. “The pace of the course moves quite quickly and fast enough. There’s always something to do.”

After graduating at the end of the year Pearl plans to return to engineering for a time in order to build up capital to buy houses for residential renovations, saying she is keen to combine her engineering skill with residential building.

Going for the whole package Pearl has recently picked up some additional Diploma in Project Management papers through SIT’s distance learning division, SIT2LRN saying the combination of qualifications and practical experience can only be used positively in the future.