Carpentry Student
Publish Date: Friday, 20 November 2020

Yogesh Kumar

Hailing from Punjab State in Northern India, Yogesh Kumar has come a long way in more ways than one. Yogesh arrived in New Zealand in 2010, and since then has studied and worked in a variety of roles during his time here.

He’s studied Level 7 in IT, and Levels 3 and 4 in Security and Power Net training, including various other certificates required for those sectors.

Yogesh came to a point of wanting to learn one good long-term skill that would stand the test of time and help set him up for his future. This led him to choose the NZ Certificate in Construction Trade Skills - Carpentry (Level 3) at SIT, to achieve his goal of one day owning and running his own business.

Yogesh was living and working in Invercargill at the time and says he’d heard a lot of good stuff about SIT. He found out more information through Facebook and attending a couple of Open Nights at the main campus on Tay Street.

Prior to choosing to study at SIT, Yogesh was employed by Chorus in a role where they would reinstate areas after a job had been completed. He was used to doing practical hands-on work, like cutting concrete, digging and filling trenches etc., so carpentry has been a natural progression for him. He says his expectation was the course would be a very practical one, and it’s certainly delivered for Yogesh on that front.

Yogesh says his course at SIT “is the best thing that ever happened to me” and his time at SIT has flown by. His tutor Shane (surname) and been really great and he couldn’t have asked for anything better than what he’s received in terms of support and guidance.

He’s been taught so much great stuff, and it’s been all taught in simple, plain English, making the learning process straightforward for him and others in the programme.

He says every day on the course was pretty awesome, where they would start out with a team meeting, discussing what they’d be doing that day. Then they all worked in smaller teams, and each team had its own set of tasks to complete. If any issues came up or they had questions, they were able to talk to their tutor to help work it out.

“Studying at SIT gives me real-world, practical work knowledge, it’s been much better than other studies where I did 99% theory and haven’t used it even once”.

 Yogesh said one of the best things about studying at SIT was getting to focus on what he wanted to learn for a long period, knowing he was getting himself trained up for the building industry. He enjoyed the whole course so much he couldn’t wait to participate in all the activities they took part in, and learned.

Yogesh said during the Covid-19 lockdown, it was hard not being able to come to the course every day. Theory work was completed at home and they did the best they could, under the circumstances.  

Yogesh has also appreciated employment advice from tutors, who gave him further information and links to help him along the way after he graduates. He wanted to give a big ‘shout out’ to both Shane (surname) his tutor and Keith (surname), the Programme Manager, he’s grateful for the opportunities he’s been given while at SIT.

Yogesh has returned to his former job and is utilising skills learnt on the course every day, while he continues to look for an opening to complete his building apprenticeship.

He’s also recommended the course to many of his friends, encouraging them to do a course of their choice from the Trades Faculty.

Yogesh intends to finish his building apprenticeship wherever he gets the opportunity to do so in NZ. After becoming a Registered Builder, he will start his own company and wants to complete renovation and restoration of old homes.

“Thanks for having me as a student SIT. I’m learning a lot day by day. When I have a successful career I would love to return the favour, if I can”.