Thomas Marshall
Publish Date: Thursday, 30 April 2020
Thomas Marshall

Bachelor of Information Technology

Having grown up in Invercargill and always being interested in anything ‘computer/IT related’, Thomas knew he wanted his future career to revolve around his main passion - Information Technology. 

Graduating from high school last year, Thomas enrolled at Southern Institute of Technology (SIT) to begin his first year of the Bachelor of Information Technology. Although he has always maintained a personal interest in IT, Thomas hasn’t had any work experience in the industry, coming straight from high school to tertiary study. In fact, the work experience Thomas does have is about as far removed from IT as you can get, having briefly worked on a farm when not at school!

Despite this, he has developed what he calls “a basic understanding of IT and knowledge in this area” and finds the first year of his degree the perfect level to increase his understanding without feeling like it is too much.

“I actually expected SIT to be really rigid in the ways it operates, only to find that it is way more accommodating and versatile than I thought. It’s clear that SIT has a genuine interest in helping students achieve”.

Choosing to study at SIT made sense to Thomas as it was close to home and offered the right course to develop his passion for IT. These factors combined made it a convenient option which means he can save money living at home while studying.

Thomas states that already his course has “helped me see what types of jobs are available in the IT sector and why they are important. I feel that what I am learning is relevant to my future career and will help me attain an IT job when I graduate”.

Ideally in his future Thomas would like to be a self-employed IT Technician, but he sees himself perhaps working towards this goal being employed with a small IT company once finishing his Bachelor’s degree, and potentially looking at completing his Masters, something he could achieve at SIT with the Master of Information Technology programme.

“I would definitely recommend the Bachelor of Information Technology at SIT. One-on-one support is always available and at a larger university this can be non-existent. It is something I believe to be important, especially for IT”.