Kyla Pikia
Publish Date: Thursday, 30 April 2020
Kyla Pikia

Computing & IT

Completing a degree in Information Technology through the Southern Institute of Technology opened graduate Kyla Pikia’s eyes to the industry she had chosen to enter.
“It made me open to new experiences and taught me to push myself sometimes,” she says.
A born and bred seventh generation Southlander, Kyla attended Aurora College, where she heard about SIT and the courses available to her.
“I had no real expectations beforehand.”
“I just wanted to learn and explore.”
Prior to undertaking the Bachelor of Information Technology, Kyla decided to complete the Certificate in Technical Computing to see if she wanted to pursue the subject further. She decided it was the path she wanted to follow and enrolled in the degree.
With an interest in programming, Kyla suggests students keen on the qualification need to be motivated with their learning.
“I feel like a lot of self-study is involved, and the tutors point you in the right direction,” she says.
“SIT is a good guide.”
Throughout the course, Kyla says she really enjoyed the mix of people, students and tutors she met.
“I really liked the internationals, it was interesting being exposed to new cultures.”
The most difficult thing she found was working in teams she didn’t work well with.
“Communication and being clear with team mates is very important,” she says.
Kyla is now working in software development and is keen to stay in Invercargill.